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Phil Richert Interview

May 11, 2011


I decided to interview my good friend Phil Richert. We grew up together in Andover, MN but didn’t really get to know each other till the last couple years when I started running more seriously. I was never a runner growing up and didn’t really understand it. While I was off getting into trouble in […]

Haile Gebrselassie CNN Documentary

August 3, 2010


This is a few years old, but still great to see and very inspiring. It gives a look at where Haile came from and how he got to where he is now, and follows him to Berlin as he breaks the marathon world record. This was filmed before he broke it again running sub 2:04.

Sammy Wanjiru on an out and back course

April 18, 2010


After running a few out and back courses I know how exciting it can be being in the lead at the turn around and getting cheered on by the crowd, or  being on the other side and seeing the leaders when they turn around and cheering them on. I can’t imagine how cool it’d be […]

Running is Lifelong, Just Ask Ed Whitlock

February 17, 2010


Great article from running times about quite possibly the most inspirational masters runner of all time. Check it out here.

Haile Gebreselassie’s World Marathon Record in Berlin

February 17, 2010


Even though it’s in Spanish, what an awesome capture of this historic event!